Taking a Leap!

Feel Healthy Girl friends,

Here’s a personal update about our current life happenings and my latest business venture. 🙂 This is how excited I am!!!!

In late July, right after we found out that we were pregnant with baby number three (we’re due in February), I learned that my communication consulting hours would be coming to an end. It’s been a great 2.5 years working with an incredible company, but I knew the position wouldn’t be available forever. The opportunity I had was an incredible blessing for our family, and I was determined to find another consulting position of some sort.

During my recent job search, I was praying for something that would align with my personal passion of empowering women with wellness inspiration through Feel Healthy Girl. My prayer was answered with Beauty Counter— a company with the mission to get safe products in the hands of everyone. Yep, I can get behind that mission!

My friend Shelly (the same friend who hooked me up with my recent communication & marketing consulting opportunity) introduced me to this incredibly safe, non-toxic, high-performing skin care and cosmetic line —Beauty Counter. Shelly is the ultimate health advocate and consumer, so with her stamp of approval, I was immediately interested. She put me in touch with her friend, I tried as many products I could get my hands on, fell in love with the products and the mission, and determined it was my next step both professionally and personally. I am now a consultant and educator for Beauty Counter, advocating for safe beauty and skin care products in an unregulated personal care industry. In fact, did you know that the United States hasn’t passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938? Yikes! We all know there are millions of gorgeous and high-performing self-care products on the market, but the question is— are they actually SAFE for consumers?

The purpose of this email is to introduce you to Beauty Counter, and the amazing options available for SAFE and gorgeous skin care for your entire family. If you are interested in swapping your current beauty products for amazing products with the strictest ingredient regulations on the market, let’s chat! You can also check out the products on my website here.

In the meantime, because knowledge is power, let me introduce you to a mobile application called Skin Deep created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). It’s been eye-opening for me! Download the app on your smart phone, type in your cosmetics products, and see how they are rated in terms of safety. I was blown away when I first did this. Even some of my “organic” products came back with unfavorable ratings. All of the Beauty Counter products rank 0-2, which falls in the safe category. Zero being the least toxic, and 10 being the most toxic. Let me know what you learn!

I’m so excited about this new opportunity, and look forward to sharing more with you in the near future!



Taking a Leap!

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